Gun Stocks Made in Monroe

According to the book, “History of Monroe County Michigan”, written by John McClelland Bulkley and published in 1913 states the following:

Mr. Peter A. Schaub has furnished some pleasing reminiscent statements concerning old days in Monroe County. These statements, which have an important bearing and interest for readers of this history, are reproduced with certain paraphrase as fallows: “In a preceding history of Monroe County, I regret failure was made to mention the beautiful Egyptian lotus trees that were planted in the pioneer days by Dr. Edward Dorsch on the shores of Plum Creek Bay, Monroe. These are one of the noteworthy attractions of Monroe at the present date, and especially when putting forth their beautiful and fragrant flowers, which are unique in this section of the world. I would also recall, as a matter of historic interest, the old Van Wormer sawmill, since in the same were sawed the most of the gunstocks utilized by the Michigan troops, aw well as by men from other states, in the Civil war. My uncle, Philip Schaub, who is still living in Monroe, at the venerable age of eight-eight years, also owned and operated a sawmill at that time, the mill having been situated in the district of the city commonly known as Waterloo. In this mill he sawed walnut logs from which likewise were manufactured many gunstocks for the weapons used in the Civil war.

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