Contact Information for Upcoming Area Events

In commemoration of the War of 1812 and the Civil War, many organizations, clubs and institutions are sponsoring a super amount of upcoming events. There are many online sites and printed media that you can access for information. And, if your organization, club or institution needs help in advertising any upcoming events, there are many sites that …will list your upcoming event for FREE. Check out the following: (Will list upcoming events related to the Museum. Contact Lynn Reaume at the Museum to post events at: (734) 240-7780. (Will list upcoming events in the Monroe area. Contact Sherri Schreiner to post events at: or at: (734) 243-0945/(734) 693-9086. (Will list upcoming events in the Monroe Area. Contact John Patterson at: or at: (734) 457-1030 to post events.) Jazz Festival! (To post events in the “North Neighbors” section of The Blade (Toledo, Ohio).) (Contact Jeanne Miller to post events in “The Monroe Buzz”.) (To post events in the Monroe Evening News) or or (Will list upcoming events related to the RRNBP. Dan Downing is the administrator of the sites. Contact Dan at the Battlefield at: (734) 243-7136) to post events. The 1812 events coordination site is administered by Terry Beamsly and is located at: Terry Beamsley can be contacted at: (734) 431-4997.


The RRNBP facebook page is also administered by Dan Downing and is located at: (To post events in the Michigan Humanities Council Newsletter. Super place to find out the happenings in Michigan! And, it is free! (To contact Jesse Mayo to post Civil War related events.) (For event info for “One Book, One Community”) (For events at Fort Meigs, Perrysburg, O.) Gene Web site. (Sue Donovan)

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