Civil War Memorial Fundraiser Dinner: April 30th

More Monroe County residents died during the Civil War that from all other wars combined including the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, The Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWI, Korea and Vietnam. Over 400 county men perished during the Civil War. About 70% died from disease locally and 65%

The first fundraiser dinner is on April 30, 2011 at the Monroe VFW Hall, 400 Jones Ave. Monroe, MI.
The others are planned for April of each sesquicentennial year.

Each one has a planned dinner topic that will include Monroe County’s participation..
April 30, 2011 – Ft. Sumter & Norman Hall.
April 2012 – The Battles of Antietam and Malvern Hill.
April 2013 – The Battle of Gettysburg and George Custer
April 2014 – Andersonville Prison Camp – 35 county men lost
April 2015 – Appomattox & George Custer

Each dinner will have guest speaker on a Civil War topic.
Each dinner will have a silent auction and 50/50 drawings.
Tickets are $20 per person. No tickets at the door.
Each dinner will have dueling menus meaning a northern menu and a southern menu. What you eat that night will be determined by luck of the draw when you arrive. You will either draw a blue slip or a gray slip. Blue is Union menu and Gray is a Confederate menu. The 2011 dinner menus are below.

Chicken & Rice soup
Greens salad
Johnny cake & molasses
Southern fried chicken
Sweet potatoes
Black eyed peas
Charleston Lemonade
Rebel Coffee
Minute pudding
Pumpkin pie
Ham & Bean soup
Cauliflower salad
Biscuits & honey
Slow cooked sliced beef
Mashed potatoes
Michigan Cider
Yankee Coffee
Rice pudding
Spice cake

For more information please contact the Monroe County Historical Museum at 734-240-7780, or email

Please see the attached flier and forward it or post it to all your friends!


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